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Naproxen Sodium Overdose And Its Ill Effects

The drug Naproxen Sodium is these days used and prescribed by many doctors and health care providers in order to provide a cure for many minor ailments that trouble the human body like ache, pain, migraine, menstrual cramps etc that many people commonly suffer from these days. The drug is sold and administered under many commonly popular names like Anaprox, Naprogesic, Naprosyn, Proxen, etc and is in actually a non steroidal anti – inflammatory drug or NSAID. These drugs are sold only with the written prescription of a medical practitioner since its consumption and dosage if not taken care of can be quite harmful to the human body.

Naproxen Sodium Overdose

The dosage of NSAID or Naproxen Sodium drug should not in any case exceed 1650 mcg per day or else it may have side effects or adverse effects that might be severe than the problem itself in the first place. Naproxen Sodium overdose has been quite fatal as many cases have been registered where accidently the dose of NSAID or Naproxen Sodium was beyond the prescribed limit. In such cases the overdose resulted in critical heart failures, bursting of the ulcers in the human body followed by heavy bleeding and extreme menstrual pain. In other words, the Naproxen Sodium overdose has reverse effects to what the drug actually is meant for.

Hence one must be particularly careful while using this medicine or giving it to family or friends. Also care must be taken to avoid overdose as the effects might also cause constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, ulcers, stomach bleeding, abdominal pain, infection and perforation etc. Also it is observed that the elder a person is, the stronger is the result of Naproxen Sodium Overdose. Naproxen Sodium side effects are fairly dangerous and can be very harmful to the human body. Hence one must be particularly careful while consuming Naproxen Sodium even with the doctor’s prescription.

In case you have accidently consumed more than the regular prescribed dosage of Naproxen Sodium, it is best advised to pay a visit to the doctor and get yourself checked thoroughly. Also it is important to note that regular and repeated use of Naproxen Sodium is very harmful and can bring about a lot of negative changes in your body. Extreme care is ti be taken while administering and using this drug and also possible at regular intervals one should arrange for a checkup with their doctor to be just sure of the recovery procedure. Also, if you are taking a regular mild dose of the drug, remember to be always on schedule and never fall back. In case you do, then do not repeat the dose in the next session in double quantity to make up for the previous one. This causes a lot of harm to the human body. After all, the body is fragile too. Use Naproxen Sodium but only in limited, moderate and prescribed quantities so that we can get of the common ailments that trouble the human body. . The right dosage ensures no side effects and adverse symptoms of the medication and can lead you to a better pain free life.

The Right Naproxen Sodium Dosage

Naproxen Sodium is a very popular drug now in use because of its many uses. Commonly known by many other names like Anaprox, Naprogesic, Naprosyn, Proxen, etc this drug has been quite effective in working on minor regular ailments through which most people suffer on a daily basis. Naproxen Sodium is also known as non steroidal anti – inflammatory drug or NSAID and helps in mainly curing pains and aches that are caused due to many reasons known and unknown. The drug is safe to be used in moderate quantities and is always used with a prescription by your doctor. Since doctor does too recommend this amazing medicine, it has a high turnover rate and is sold by many companies.

Naproxen Sodium Dosage

The Naproxen Sodium dosage when taken in the right quantity and amount takes care of problems like pain, fever, aches, inflammation. Stiffness etc that is caused by migraines, kidney stones, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, menstrual cramps etc. These problems are common and occur quite frequently. However with the right dosage they can be cured quite easily. It is a common companion for people who regularly suffer from fever, pain, ache and other common ailments. It is even a wonderful boon to women who suffer from menstrual pain and cramps that are a monthly occurrence.

There are various arguments about the right amount of dosage that is allowed for Naproxen Sodium. The dosage cannot increase more than 1650 mcg and one time Naproxen Sodium Dosage cannot increase more than 550 mcg. This should work on most of the ailments however the Naproxen Sodium quantity should not cross its limit or else you might even suffer from serious consequences. Naproxen Sodium side effects are fairly dangerous and can be very harmful to the human body. Hence one must be particularly careful while consuming Naproxen Sodium even with the doctor’s prescription. There should be absolutely no scope for error.

The dosage if exceeded can also lead to drowsiness and dizziness and hence one should be particularly careful with its dosage and quantities. The quantity of dosage should only exceed its limits if your health care provider has specifically asked you to increase the dosage. Make sure you take your dose of Naproxen Sodium with a glass of water. The Naproxen Sodium drug will however work only if you have taken it exactly in the right manner as prescribed by your doctor.

Exceeding the Naproxen Sodium dosage has sever health ill effects that might even lea to a serious and fatal heart risking stroke, or minor gas related troubles like constipation, diarrhea etc. that cause discomfort to people. Also at times, it might lead to ulcers and even bleeding which take get quite serious if no proper attention is paid on the dosage. The right dosage ensures no side effects and adverse symptoms of the medication and can lead you to a better pain free life. The best use of Naproxen Sodium is the one that allows the patient to take it mildly so that the body gets time to adjust to its effects.

Things To Avoid While Taking Naproxen Sodium 220 Mg

Whenever you take any form of drugs or medicines there is actually a limit prescribed for it which you should not cross and there is also a lower limit under which the drug will have no effect. The right quantitiy of medicine can either make you get rid of whatever is bothering you or in some cases double your problem. It all depends on the amount of drug that you take. The case of Naproxen Sodium is no different. You need t o take it only in moderate quantities for the effect to settle in without causing any side effects.

Naproxen Sodium 220 Mg

Naproxen Sodium is sold and administered under many commonly popular names like Anaprox, Naprogesic, Naprosyn, Proxen, etc and is in actually a non steroidal anti – inflammatory drug or NSAID. The medicine is commonly recommended by many medical practitioners and doctors as a relief for acute pains, aches, fevers, migraines, menstrual cramps and other such disorders. Moderate level use of this drug can actually help you get rid of these problems however if not taken in the right quantity, the drug can prove to be fatal and harmful even resulting in high chances of stroke and heart failure.

The Naproxen Sodium dosage cannot increase more than 1650 mcg and one time Naproxen Sodium Dosage cannot increase more than 550 mcg. However Naproxen Sodium 220 mg is the minimum quantity that you should take for the effects of the drug to kick in. Anything under Naproxen Sodium 220 mg does not bring about any change in the condition of the patient and is not at all fruitful considering the complexities of human body.

There are certain things however that you need to keep in mind while you administer Naproxen Sodium to a patient. A doctor needs to check in detail the patient’s medical history for diseases and disorders before he prescribes the Naproxen Sodium to a patient. Also a patient should clearly mention any former ailment that has previously troubled him so that the doctor has a fair idea about the quantity that needs to be administered. In some cases, the doc might want to go ahead with larger quantities while in some cases he might want to cut it down. Naproxen Sodium 220 mg is the standard quantity of Naproxen Sodium that is usually given to a patient.

Also once you start taking Naproxen Sodium there are certain precautions to be followed like you should not visit out in the sun light if you are under the treatment with Naproxen Sodium. While you take Naproxen Sodium you should totally avoid drugs, tobacco and alcohol to avoid the risk of ulcer and bleeding. Even smoking should be strictly prohibited if you don’t want the side effects of the drug to sink in. Also for people who plan to undertake a surgery in the coming time or who have just come out if it, Naproxen Sodium is a bad idea and can cause many serious complications. Thus the quantity of dosage if proper can help you gain instant relief and comfort while overdose can lead to serious trouble.

Some details about Naproxen sodium that worth should be known!

Naproxen sodium comes under the class of drugs that is known as non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs. These are shortly known as NSAIDS. This drug is used to mitigate and cure the pain, stiffness, inflammation. These can be due to an injury, gout, menstrual cramps or arthritis. This drug is also taken with other medications in order to cure the flu, cold or any type of allergy. There are many reasons for which people take it, some of them include relieving pain, curing a strain or cramp in muscle or inflammation in the tendons of muscles.

Naproxen sodium

As far as pregnant women are concerned the health experts and the doctors do not recommend the pregnant women to take it. This is because it can make the pregnancy critical or it can also create problems during the delivery and labor. The health experts and the doctors have made category system through which they decide and tell the patients that at what stage of pregnancy they should and should not take Naproxen sodium. There is a Category C in the pregnancy during which this should not be taken as it has not been studied on the pregnant women. The research and the studies say that this was experimented on animals during its pregnancy. The results showed that it was not as harmful to the mother as it was for the fetus. But some studies say that the patient should ask the doctor before using it because in some scenarios the advantages, it can give to the mother, outweigh and outnumber the risks and complications it can cause to the fetus.

Therefore leave it to the consent to your doctor and do what he says. An advice that has to be followed is that if you are planning to become pregnant and you are taking Naproxen sodium then ask your doctor first to what to do about it. There are various side effects of taking this sodium. The common side effects that have been seen among the patients are heartburn, stomach pain, headache, dizziness, drowsiness, itching, nausea, constipation, unexplained rash, ringing in the ears, complications related to breathing and fluid retention. In case of so many side effects it has been suggested that the patients should consult their doctors straightaway in order to avoid any type of further complications. The doctors then increase or decrease your dose in order to overcome and control the side effects that are caused by this sodium.

Two majorly authentic studies have shown that taking Naproxen sodium also increases the blood pressure of the patient, especially the ones that have hypertension. Further it has been seen that it constricts the blood vessels and that constriction resists the flow of blood in the body. This happens particularly the kidneys. When the kidneys do not get enough blood through its blood streams then it does not removes the fluid wastes from the body that results in the fluid retention. Therefore always ask your doctor prior to using it. If you are using it during low blood pressure, do consult your doctor as it can increase the blood pressure substantially.

Naproxen Sodium 550 mg dosage

Naproxen sodium 550 mg is used to treat pains or aches in the body and several conditions which include arthritis among others. It is important to see a doctor before start using Naproxen sodium since there are certain aspects that may affect the human body if you take Naproxen sodium which is one of the drugs in the NSAID group of drugs. Some of the conditions that should be considered while taking Naproxen include other medications that a person is taking, other medical conditions that a person may have and any other medical condition that a person is treating.

It is always important to consult a doctor when adjusting dosages and this is to determine the benefits and effects. Since Naproxen sodium 550 mg is taken to treat various conditions, doctors recommend different dosages for each of these conditions. People who take Naproxen for treating acute pain or painful menstrual periods they will have to be over 18 years and a dosage of 220 mg to 550 mg two times daily. In this case the maximum dosage on a daily basis is 1100mg. For those people who are using over the counter Naproxen such as Aleve they should follow the instructions that are always written in the label.

The recommended over the counter dose should not be exceeded and it is also important not to use the Naproxen dosage for more than 10 days unless told otherwise by the doctor. People who use Naproxen sodium 550 mg for treating arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis and osteoarthritis are supposed to take a dosage of 275 mg or 550 mg two times a day. However, this dosage may be increased to 1650 mg daily by the doctor after several weeks if the person is still in pain. If this also does not relieve the pain the patient will have to consider other pain relief options.

People who take Naproxen sodium for treating gout they are supposed to take a dosage that starts at 825 mg which should be followed by 275 mg dosage for every 8 hours until the gout attack subsides. There are however several considerations that a person should take when using Naproxen sodium 550 mg and any other dosage. One of them is it is supposed to be taken with a water glass and after the person has eaten. Taking the drug with milk will help in preventing stomach upsets. It is always important to take the lowest effective dose of Naproxen as well as using the least amount of time as this decreases the risk of getting serious side effects.


Precautions to take when using Naproxen Sodium 550 mg

Before starting to use Naproxen Sodium 550 mg there are several precautions that a person is suppose to take. The first one is to make sure that you have seen a doctor to establish whether it is safe taking the drug and this is because there are many people who are not supposed to take this drug due to other medications they may be taking or due to a certain conditions that they may be having. Some people have also been found to be allergic to NSAIDs which a group of drugs that Naproxen belongs to.

You will need to tell the doctor all your medical history and this should include heart diseases, blood disorders such as anemia, clotting or bleeding, nose growths, kidney diseases, high blood pressure, liver disease, dehydration, stroke, intestinal and throat problems among others. Making sure the doctor knows all these conditions that you may have encountered in your life will enable the doctor establish if you are safe to use Naproxen sodium 550 mg and what dosage you are supposed to take and for how long. If you are planning to start using this drug it is also important to get familiar with its side effects so that you will know how to handle them.

One of the common side effects of Naproxen is drowsiness or dizziness. Another precaution to take when using Naproxen sodium 550 mg is that the patient is not supposed to drive and perform activities that require alertness until the doctor says so. This drug is also not supposed to be taken with alcohol and tobacco as this increases the patient’s risk of stomach bleeding so the patient is supposed to stop taking alcohol and smoking. A person who uses this drug is also supposed to avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Instead the patient should use a sunscreen and also wear protective clothing when going out.

The patient should also be aware of the fact that Naproxen sodium 550 mg contains salt so if someone is on a salt restricted diet they should avoid this drug. This drug should also not be taken by people who are supposed to go into surgery or when they have just come out of surgery. Women who are pregnant or who have just had babies are also supposed to first consult their doctors before using Naproxen since there are special cases which may put the baby at risk. This drug can pass through the baby’s milk or can harm the baby if the mother takes it in the first and last three months of her pregnancy.

How to avoid Naproxen Sodium Side Effects

Naproxen sodium is a drug used to treat pain and inflammation that belongs to the group of drugs known as NSAID. Some of the conditions that Naproxen treats include gout, arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis, ankylosing spondylitis and menstrual cycle cramping among others. Naproxen can be brought straight from the counter or they can be prescribed. Naproxen sodium also has some side effects that everyone needs to be aware of before they start using it. One of the major Naproxen sodium side effects is difficulty in breathing. People who use this drug may also experience tightness in their chest.

This can be identified by wheezing when a person exhales. In case this happens the person is supposed to consult a doctor immediately. Causing edema or swelling of the body is also one of Naproxen sodium side effects and this occurs in several specific areas including the legs and feet. It is also necessary to consult your doctor immediately you notice any swelling on your legs while using Naproxen. Indigestion sensation can also be caused by taking Naproxen sodium although this does not usually indicate serious health problems.

This can be identified by the pressure one feels in the lower abdomen as well as burning in one’s chest. The doctor should also be consulted in case this happens also. Stomach problems may also be brought about by using Naproxen sodium. Pain or discomfort in the stomach will be experienced because this drug may irritate the stomach lining and this may lead to more belching. In case of these Naproxen sodium side effects the patient is also supposed to see a doctor. Headaches may also be experienced while using Naproxen sodium and you are supposed seek out a doctor since the drug is supposed to relieve headaches.

Experiencing dizziness is also one of the Naproxen sodium side effects especially in the first few times of usage. This dizziness will normally ease as you continue using it but if it continues for a long period the doctor is supposed to be consulted. However the best way of avoiding side effects that are associated with Naproxen sodium, a person is supposed to take minimal amount of the drug. It is also advisable to take Naproxen with food to reduce the side effects. If you are planning to start using Naproxen you will have to see a doctor first to ensure that you are not in a condition where the drug will cause you more harm than good.

Things to Consider before using Naproxen Sodium

Naproxen sodium is an over the counter drug that is used as a pain and minor aches reliever as well as for reducing fever. This drug is part of a group of fever reducers and pain relievers that are known as NSAIDs or in full nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs. Most oral fever reducers and pain relievers only have naproxen sodium as the sole ingredient. Naproxen sodium is also available in drugs that treat additional symptoms apart from fever and pain and this will include common colds and other symptoms that are associated with menstruation.

 Naproxen Sodium

Before you start taking naproxen sodium you need to be aware of several things. One of the main things to keep in mind is that NSAIDs medicines have been found to increase the risk of life threatening circulation or heart problems and this includes strokes and heart attacks. This however is mostly because of longer usage of a particular medicine. This is why it is risky to use Naproxen just before or immediately after heart bypass surgery which is mostly referred to as coronary artery bypass graft in short CABG.

Long usage of NSAIDs has also been found to increase the risk of someone getting serious stomach or intestine effects and this will include perforation or bleeding. In some cases these cases are known to be fatal. These serious gastrointestinal side effects have a greater risk in adults than in kids. People who hade a history of allergic reactions to aspirin or any other NSAID medicine should also not use Naproxen sodium. There are also other conditions that will need a person to have an adjusted dose or go through special test in order to be able to use Naproxen. These conditions include asthma, liver or kidney diseases, heart diseases, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, stomach ulcers or bleeding, nose polyps and people who smoke.

It is also very important to get advice from a doctor before starting to use Naproxen especially for those who are pregnant or planning to get pregnant. This is important because in some cases it has been found that if it is used in the last three months of a pregnancy it may lead to birth defects. Mothers who are breast feeding should also not use Naproxen sodium as it can pass into the breast milk and harm a baby. Children below two years should also not be given Naproxen without the advice of a doctor.