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Naproxen Sodium Overdose And Its Ill Effects

The drug Naproxen Sodium is these days used and prescribed by many doctors and health care providers in order to provide a cure for many minor ailments that trouble the human body like ache, pain, migraine, menstrual cramps etc that many people commonly suffer from these days. The drug is sold and administered under many commonly popular names like Anaprox, Naprogesic, Naprosyn, Proxen, etc and is in actually a non steroidal anti – inflammatory drug or NSAID. These drugs are sold only with the written prescription of a medical practitioner since its consumption and dosage if not taken care of can be quite harmful to the human body.

Naproxen Sodium Overdose

The dosage of NSAID or Naproxen Sodium drug should not in any case exceed 1650 mcg per day or else it may have side effects or adverse effects that might be severe than the problem itself in the first place. Naproxen Sodium overdose has been quite fatal as many cases have been registered where accidently the dose of NSAID or Naproxen Sodium was beyond the prescribed limit. In such cases the overdose resulted in critical heart failures, bursting of the ulcers in the human body followed by heavy bleeding and extreme menstrual pain. In other words, the Naproxen Sodium overdose has reverse effects to what the drug actually is meant for.

Hence one must be particularly careful while using this medicine or giving it to family or friends. Also care must be taken to avoid overdose as the effects might also cause constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, ulcers, stomach bleeding, abdominal pain, infection and perforation etc. Also it is observed that the elder a person is, the stronger is the result of Naproxen Sodium Overdose. Naproxen Sodium side effects are fairly dangerous and can be very harmful to the human body. Hence one must be particularly careful while consuming Naproxen Sodium even with the doctor’s prescription.

In case you have accidently consumed more than the regular prescribed dosage of Naproxen Sodium, it is best advised to pay a visit to the doctor and get yourself checked thoroughly. Also it is important to note that regular and repeated use of Naproxen Sodium is very harmful and can bring about a lot of negative changes in your body. Extreme care is ti be taken while administering and using this drug and also possible at regular intervals one should arrange for a checkup with their doctor to be just sure of the recovery procedure. Also, if you are taking a regular mild dose of the drug, remember to be always on schedule and never fall back. In case you do, then do not repeat the dose in the next session in double quantity to make up for the previous one. This causes a lot of harm to the human body. After all, the body is fragile too. Use Naproxen Sodium but only in limited, moderate and prescribed quantities so that we can get of the common ailments that trouble the human body. . The right dosage ensures no side effects and adverse symptoms of the medication and can lead you to a better pain free life.