Some details about Naproxen sodium that worth should be known!

Naproxen sodium comes under the class of drugs that is known as non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs. These are shortly known as NSAIDS. This drug is used to mitigate and cure the pain, stiffness, inflammation. These can be due to an injury, gout, menstrual cramps or arthritis. This drug is also taken with other medications in order to cure the flu, cold or any type of allergy. There are many reasons for which people take it, some of them include relieving pain, curing a strain or cramp in muscle or inflammation in the tendons of muscles.

Naproxen sodium

As far as pregnant women are concerned the health experts and the doctors do not recommend the pregnant women to take it. This is because it can make the pregnancy critical or it can also create problems during the delivery and labor. The health experts and the doctors have made category system through which they decide and tell the patients that at what stage of pregnancy they should and should not take Naproxen sodium. There is a Category C in the pregnancy during which this should not be taken as it has not been studied on the pregnant women. The research and the studies say that this was experimented on animals during its pregnancy. The results showed that it was not as harmful to the mother as it was for the fetus. But some studies say that the patient should ask the doctor before using it because in some scenarios the advantages, it can give to the mother, outweigh and outnumber the risks and complications it can cause to the fetus.

Therefore leave it to the consent to your doctor and do what he says. An advice that has to be followed is that if you are planning to become pregnant and you are taking Naproxen sodium then ask your doctor first to what to do about it. There are various side effects of taking this sodium. The common side effects that have been seen among the patients are heartburn, stomach pain, headache, dizziness, drowsiness, itching, nausea, constipation, unexplained rash, ringing in the ears, complications related to breathing and fluid retention. In case of so many side effects it has been suggested that the patients should consult their doctors straightaway in order to avoid any type of further complications. The doctors then increase or decrease your dose in order to overcome and control the side effects that are caused by this sodium.

Two majorly authentic studies have shown that taking Naproxen sodium also increases the blood pressure of the patient, especially the ones that have hypertension. Further it has been seen that it constricts the blood vessels and that constriction resists the flow of blood in the body. This happens particularly the kidneys. When the kidneys do not get enough blood through its blood streams then it does not removes the fluid wastes from the body that results in the fluid retention. Therefore always ask your doctor prior to using it. If you are using it during low blood pressure, do consult your doctor as it can increase the blood pressure substantially.