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Usage of Naproxen for Headaches Prevention

December 15th, 2012

While many people know NSAIDs as medications that come in handy in pain relief, many might not know that one of this group of drugs, Naproxen for headaches has been in use for some time now and specifically for migraines and other headaches. These popular drugs are always being used by those suffering from migraines, mostly with moderate or mild ones.

Naproxen for headaches

Also, Naproxen has over time been recommended to women who might be suffering from menstrual related migraines. Those who get migraine headaches while at the height of their own menstrual cycle can use Naproxen on a monthly basis by starting a couple of months prior to the onset of menstruation to the end just after a number of days when the period has started. The reason why Naproxen comes in handy as a result of being effective in dealing with migraines is because the results are always positive once it has been used. It is also highly used as a very abortive type of treatment for headaches, meaning that the drug helps in bringing the much needed relied on current headaches and migraines for a number of symptoms.

Naproxen for headaches just like other headache prophylactic treatments could take around three or so months prior to reducing the huge number of attacks. For those using the treatment, the period might run up to around six months where the dosage of the medicine is then reduced in a gradual fashion. Since Naproxen acts a bit fast, it has been used occasionally to the treatment of migraine aura that normally does not last a longer period of time.

In a number of studies, Naproxen for headaches has been found to be effective, lessening the pain in the head while shortening the period of the unwanted discomfort. What Naproxen does is attack the symptoms of the migraine, lightheadedness, nausea and light sensitivity on a number of patients. Research has also depicted that as much as a number of patients ends up getting some relief from vomiting and nausea, a good number using different types of NSAIDs end up with some really worse symptoms as a result of the side effects they occasion into the stomach, such as stomach inflammation, indigestion, ulcers and stomach bleeding.

Those suffering from migraines sometimes require some options of getting the medication in a number of formulations since there are such vomiting and nausea symptoms that ends up making it really difficult to digest and swallow medications. There are other extra side effects that follow Naproxen, whether it is being used for headaches or to alleviate any kind of pain. Some of the side effects that come with this drug include itching, gas, tinnitus or ringing within the ears, hearing issues, cold symptoms, tingling or burning in the legs or arms, diarrhea or constipation, dizziness, rash, problems with sleeping, drowsiness, lightheadedness, headache, excessive thirst and mouth sores.

The first thing you need to do once you begin to experience such side effects is seeking some instant medical attention and refraining from the use of Naproxen until that time you have been able to consult a doctor.

Understanding Naproxen NSAID

October 15th, 2012

Not many understand the Naproxen NSAID particulars and why the medication comes in handy in pain relief as well as in the radar of a number of people who think of some of its side effects. The first thing that should be said is that NSAIDs, the group that Naproxen belongs, are unique Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs having antipyretic and analgesic kind of properties used in the treatment of fever, swelling, redness and pain. The medication is mostly used in the relief of joint pain and inflammations as well, such as tendonitis, spinal arthritis, osteoarthritis and even typical arthritis. The same medication also comes in handy in relieving some moderate pain in the case of toothache, headache, menstrual cramps, backache and muscle aches.

There are a number of don’ts that should be adhered to firmly before anyone thinks about using Naproxen NSAID. Firstly, one should have no problems or issues related to heart conditions. For those who have already undergone heart bypass surgery, use of Naproxen in most cases is very fatal. Those individuals already suffering from urticaria and asthma or even allergic kinds of reactions should never use the medication. One should avoid giving children who are below 12 years of age Naproxen for obvious reasons tied to side effects that only an adult can bear. In case of elderly patients, they should be given the medication but monitoring should be impeccably done.

In case you are allergic to any of the different ingredients that make Naproxen, it is important to avoid it. Other times when the medication should be avoided include in the last three or so months of a healthy pregnancy or even if you have fluid buildup, swellings, or inflammations in the mouth. Those with liver or kidney diseases should as well avoid the medication.  Another important thing to remember for those who would want to use Naproxen NSAID is that they should avoid it in case of ulcers, perforation, bleeding or bowel and stomach problems. Also, those with such conditions as clotting, bleeding, blood disorders and high pressure of blood should definitely avoid using the medication.

You need to remember that Naproxen is always taken as a doctor has prescribed. It is important to avoid misusing the drug more so in very large amounts and most cases, taking it more than it is recommended. Always take any Naproxen medication with a glass that is full of water and incase of an upset in the stomach, simply take it with your food.

In case you have missed a Naproxen dose, you should take it immediately it returns to memory. In case the time is almost near for the following dose, you can skip the dose that has been missed and simply take your medication at the time that has been scheduled. Avoid doubling the dose while trying to cater for the pill you have missed.

You also need to remember that Naproxen does not cause a heart attack but could increase the chances of attaining one. It is also worth mentioning that NSAID medication could cause perforations, stomach bleeding or ulcers and must be handled with a lot of care.

The Nature and Effects of the Naproxen 375 Mg

September 10th, 2012

Non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs that include Naproxen 375 mg rarely increase stroke and heart attack risks. For those with heart diseases or have really heightened heart disease risks, this could be greater, for instance as a result of smoking, heart complications family history or such conditions as diabetes or high blood pressure sometimes even a longer period of usage.

It is important to note that this type of drug should never be used after or right before heart bypass surgery. This is because it might end up causing, though infrequently, some serious or rarely lethal bleeding from the intestines or even the stomach. The effect could be caused without any warning, most of the time, in case an individual is using the drug. Adults, mostly those bordering on being elderly are always at a higher risk once this begins to happen. While taking Naproxen 375 mg, you can come out of it followed by seeking some medical aid immediately once you realize there are side effects that are serious and very rare.

Naproxen 375 mg

Some of the side effects include sudden changes in vision, slurred speech, body weakness on one of the sides, confusion, rare sweating, breath shortness, arm on the left, jaw or chest, vomiting stuff that reminds one of coffee grounds, abdominal and stomach pain as well as tarried black stools. The most important thing to do before you try the medication is talking to a medical doctor or a trained pharmacist on the benefits as well as the risks that follow after the intake of this drug.

Generally, Naproxen 375 mg comes in handy in helping one to relieve some really painful situations from a number of conditions, such as menstrual cramps, dental pain, tendonitis, muscle aches and headaches. The same medication helps in the reduction of gout attacks, bursitis, and arthritis leading to stiffness of joints, swelling and pain reduction. This NSAID works through blocking the body from production of some specific natural substances leading to inflammations. In case you are already involved in the treatment of some chronic type of arthritis, you cold enquire from your doctor on some of the treatments that are non-drug or even the use of medications in dealing with the pain.

It is very important to read the guide to the medication that a pharmacist provides prior to beginning the usage of naproxen every time you want to refill. In case of unique question, it is always important to have a pharmacist or doctor you can ask. While taking the medication, you can prevent yourself from stomach upsets by making sure you have taken it with an antacid, milk or food. Also, it is important to remember that the dosage that one takes always depends on the kind of response towards the treatment and medical condition one has. You can reduce risks of bleeding within the stomach as well as other common side effects by taking the medication at the minimum yet effective dose there is for the shortest period of time. Avoid taking more of the drug against what the doctor has advised or directed.

Some Important Facts on Naproxen and Asthma

September 8th, 2012

There are a number of things that come into mind when Naproxen and asthma is mentioned. Firstly, you should remember that there is no known made medication that does not have its own unique side effects. There are so many issues that follow a person when it comes to the usage of medication and it is important to be careful, whether it is a drug deemed safe and harmless for usage or not.

Naproxen and asthma

It is also important to remember that so many people keep on forgetting that a prescription is important when it comes to the sensitivity of a drug and there is a reason why it is given. The prescription gives you the green light to seek the use of the medication from a point of knowledge. This way, you might not end buying a medication that could kill you as a result of the reactions it has with a number of things in your body. The most important thing is that once you have understood where the medication stands on a number of effects, any drug sought will come in handy and without a threat of causing mayhem or even lethal complications in the body.

This is what comes to mind when you think about Naproxen and asthma, and how the medication works on the lethal disease. Those patients with episodes of nasal polyps, rhinitis and asthma are asked to avoid Naproxen. This also includes those who are sensitive to Aspirin. It is important to make sure your doctors understand any former drug reaction or complication you had if any. Those with ulcers and severe problems with their kidneys or even those of the liver should at least refrain from the use of Naproxen treatment.

Those patients already suffering from the weight of such diseases such as heart failure and high blood pressure can increase the severity of these problems more so with issues of the heart in case they take Naproxen. It is also important to note that Naproxen and asthma hardly denote anything positive but the medication worsens asthma and should not be used without talking to a doctor or even a healthcare professional. Naproxen might be a great drug for many people and a very safe medication as well but since you might not know about inherent side effects in your body, it is important to simply talk to a doctor first. A doctor knows better since you might be a woman who is pregnant and the drug might not work for you. The medication might just affect your pregnancy. Obviously, there is no medication that does not have its side effects and Naproxen also has its own down side.

Do not forget that those with stomach ulcers should ignore NSAID of which Naproxen is a part of. Most of the problems associated with such medications occur if they are for a very long time but there are cases when short term usage also leads to very serious cases. Always know that you are not allergic to any of the medication within the NSAID group, Naproxen included, before you begin the dosage.

Drug Usage and Naproxen Heart Risk

September 6th, 2012

Naproxen is one of the well known Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAID) that comes in handy for those affected by heart complications. The efficacy of Naproxen has been ascertained after studies were completed where other types of NSAIDs were brought into the equation. In terms of Naproxen heart risk, it was found to be a little less risky and quite better in terms of safety in the cardiovascular field after being compared to other medications also similar in doses a little higher.

Naproxen heart risk

The truth is that while the issue of Naproxen heart risk and the said safety has been lauded, so many studies have brought the issue up and now deemed to be really controversial. A number of studies have said that there could be an increase in heart disease risks in relation to the COX-2 novel inhibitors that also include some normal NSAIDs.  This could have been the reason why the entire matter was quite important for many patients who had some really serious coronary heart ailments. In the patients, cardiovascular threats of an adverse nature were heightened. It has also been said that those suffering might have used aspirin perhaps in very low doses that ends up interacting with NSAIDs such as the best in the pack, Naproxen.

The professionals interested in the Naproxen and its effect on the cardiovascular safety happens to be either non-existent or overtly limited. It is what has ended up into cohort retrospective types of studies that have gone forward to look into the standards of safety of the NSAIDs victims. The study that came out of this brought out the fact that Naproxen heart risk has been found to be really better simply because the drug has quite a low incidence rate ratio or IRR when it comes to grave complications of the heart in comparison to those people who might not be using NSAIDs. Another study on the dangers of the cardiovascular found out that the risk was high in other forms or medications of NSAIDs or an increase on heart risk as compared to Naproxen.

In a study that was done for 90 days the results of looking into effects of the risk on the heart compared to NSAIDs nonusers found there was very lethal coronary risks of the heart that were also recorded to have risen up after a not so long a time frame after the use of different NSAIDs such as ibuprofen and rofecoxib with naproxen being much better. In the same study, a lot has been observed on the patient’s record as having issues with cardiovascular. In generally, heart problems and arthritis seems to co-exist, something that has made the study of cardiovascular issues one of the most important and offering a lot of value into the public health in the usage of NSAIDs, mostly Naproxen.

The tests are still ongoing but the use of naproxen has continued and is still protected courtesy of some really mild risks as compared to conditions related to the heart for those using other types of NSAIDs.

Easy Access to Naproxen 500mg for Various Treatments

September 4th, 2012

Naproxen 500mg is a drug that is non-steroidal but an anti-inflammatory highly recommended in the reduction of stiffness, inflammation, fever and pain as a result of specific types of conditions sometimes related to bursitis, tendonitis, cramps in menstruation, spondylitis, ankylosinng, gout, arthritis psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, kidney stone and osteoarthritis.

Those with primary dysmenorrheal are given the drug during treatment. While Naproxen is orally administered and a medicine described as antiphlogistic, patients suffering form various types of pain usually take since it is prescribed towards suppressing most of the symptoms that might have been brought by inflammations. In this case it helps in the reduction of swelling, pain and body temperature.

naproxen 500mg

Naproxen pills can be found in various local pharmacies but in the current setup, accessing them online is much faster and easier including a number of advantages. One has a chance to access as much Naproxen as he might be looking for much easier while benefiting from any advantage offered. This includes the purchase of the pills without showing any prescription from a doctor that you might not have since in most online stores, it is not a requirement in the ordering process. After you have bought Naproxen on the web, without a prescription, you will find that it is very convenient and has even saved a lot of time and even lives.  This includes accessing the drug for treatment purposes yet you literary have no time to make it to the office of your doctor.

Online stores also provide some great opportunities for those who want to buy naproxen 500mg at very affordable costs. The drug is quite effective and highly popular since it works by blocking the blood’s cyclooxygenase, an enzyme ideal in the initiation of angiogenic and inflammatory activities within the body of a human being. Thus accessing the drug cheaply offers quick treatment needed in the reduction of pain causing conditions. Also, while buying the drug online, you do not need special skills since the platforms are much easier and fast. They are also stress-free and fast enough and anyone with basic browsing experience can make a purchase.

Online pharmacies are very popular since they make sure the process of purchasing Naproxen is a quick and secure one. Confidentiality and privacy are issues that affect people when they want to make payments and check outs online. There is no online store that does not want to retain its customers and thus privacy is guaranteed with trustworthy and easy ways availed to make online Naproxen buying hassle-free.

The good thing with this drug is that it is being supported by various statistics that have shown patients taking it hardly experience any kind of lethal side effects except mild digestive disorders, speech, vision and running nose issues, including gastritis.

It is important to contact your doctor prior to making a purchase of Naproxen, whether offline or online. Also, be sure about the dosage you need to take for a specific condition in case you do not have a prescription. This will help you avoid over dosage, as depicted in various symptoms as coma, shallow breath, somnolence, retching, tarry motions, gastric distress and dizziness.

Accessing Naproxen for Headaches

September 3rd, 2012

In most cases, the initial headache and migraine drugs doctors recommend are pain relievers. A good number of these medications are found across the counter and mostly accessed even without showing a prescription from a doctor. Headache drugs in most cases need a prescription. As you take the drugs for a headache, avoid taking those products containing a lot of caffeine in higher doses. Always remember that while using Naproxen for headaches any type of medication that has barbiturates or codeine (narcotics) must be used with a lot of caution, perhaps sparingly.

Naproxen for headaches

In case symptomatic relief drugs have been put into use for around two times each week, a doctor must be consulted for preventive headache prescription. Excessive use of any type of symptomatic drugs can easily bring about a lot of headaches or even lead to intense headache symptoms. Always remember when it comes to headaches and migraines, naproxen is at the head of the pack and makes sure the needed tranquility is gained in a very short period of time.

Naproxen comes in handy in the treatment of sharp migraines, hormone related headaches and headaches caused by tension. This is an over the counter medication that anyone can access online even without a doctor’s prescription meaning that if you want to end throbbing pain you can use it. The only problem is over usage of the medication without prior consulting a medical practitioner. The symptoms of over-usage are very serious and could even lead to the perforation of the intestines including the stomach.

Naproxen for headaches

Naproxen works through the mechanisms of hormones reduction that might have been causing pain and inflammation at some part of the body. The drug is highly used in the reduction of stiffness, inflammation and pain that a lot of conditions might have caused, a part from being considered as Naproxen for headaches. These conditions include menstruation cramps, gout, osteoarthritis, bursitis and rheumatoid arthritis.

To lessen the onslaught of stomach upsets, it is important to use naproxen together with an antacid, milk or food.  Avoid chewing the naproxen form of extended-release by swallowing them as they are. If you have no idea what formulations of extended-release are all about, it is important to enquire from your pharmacist what they are.

Always be on the lookout for vomit with blood, tarry black stools or stool with blood. Such symptoms can alert you that naproxen usage was either wrongly done or a too higher dosage was used, indicating some damage to the gastrointestinal tract has been done. Also, those who are used to using a lot of alcoholic drinks everyday should know that naproxen can increase stomach bleeding risks. Always avoid standing or basking for a long time in the sunlight since naproxen could increase one’s sensitivity to sunlight. Going for a sunscreen is advised including wearing clothes offering protection from the sun’s exposure.

After taking the medication, it is important to be cautious if one is engaging in hazardous activities, driving or operating machinery and in case a dizziness haze engulfs you, avoid the activities as much as possible.

Getting the Right Naproxen Dosage for Better Drug Management

July 28th, 2012

One important thing you need to understand when it comes to naproxen dosage is that intake must follow closely what the doctor has prescribed or as the label directs. Avoid the intake of naproxen in huge amounts or using it for a long period of time more than a medical practitioner has recommended.

naproxen dosage

When it comes to the treatment of ankylosing spondylitis or arthritis, a form of the medication that is slow-acting should be used but most importantly, the instructions of a doctor must be closely followed.

While taking naproxen you should never break, chew or crush enteric-coated or extended release tablets. The pill should at all times be swallowed as it is, whole. A pill that has an extended-release is made in a special way to let the medication get into the body slowly. Breaking such a pill causes a lot of naproxen to be freed within the same time. An enteric-coated type of pill does have a very special kind of coating that clearly protects the stomach. Pill breakage ends up damaging the coating.

Prior to measuring a dose, the liquid or oral suspension one is using should be well shaken. Ascertain you are getting the right dose by measuring the suspension using a medicine cup or spoon that is well marked and avoiding the use of a typical table spoon. In case you lack a device for easy measuring, it is important to enquire from a pharmacist.

naproxen dosage

For those who might be forced to take the naproxen dosage for a longer time, the doctor might have to check one regularly towards ascertaining that the medication does not end up being harmful. Something important to always have in mind is never missing a scheduled visit to a doctor. It is important to have the medication stored within room temperature and far from heat and moisture.

In case you ascertain you have used too much naproxen, you must seek immediate emergency medical attention. Some of the symptoms of overdose include coma, fainting, and shallow breathing, coughing blood, stools that are black or bloody, drowsiness, confusion, stomach pain, vomiting and nausea.

Because the medication is mostly used only when one needs it, possibly you do not have a schedule of taking a certain dosage. In case of regular usage of the medication, it is important to use the dose you might have missed immediately after remembering. If it is time to take the next dose, omit the dose you have missed and use the medication in the next scheduled time. Avoid taking some additional medication to cater for the doses you have missed.   If you have a confirmed allergic reaction to naproxen, it is important to avoid using the medication or if one has a strong history of intensive allergic reactions to NSAIDs or even aspirin.

Always know the medication can be accessed online in various stores and online pharmacies towards availing fast the best treatment for dealing with severe migraines, serious headaches, muscle pain and reducing back pains. If you have tried other medications and they are not helping, naproxen will come in handy.

Naproxen Heart Risk Factors and Drug Usage

July 26th, 2012

Naproxen is a great NSAID ideal for those patients with heart diseases courtesy of different huge studies done in comparison with other types of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Naproxen heart risk was found to be much better and less risky in terms of cardiovascular safety as compared to other similar medications in higher doses.

Naproxen heart risk

However, the explanation is that NSAIDs related cardiovascular safety has been ascertained as highly controversial where a number of studies showed that there was an increased risk in heart diseases in relation with COX-2 new inhibitors including a number of older typical NSAIDs, the reason why the issue was very important for those patients with grim coronary heart diseases. These were patients whose adverse threat of cardiovascular issues was increased. Also, a number of these sufferers use aspirin in low doses that might interact with the already used NSAID such as Naproxen.

One thing that these professionals have agreed with is that data covering the drug’s cardiovascular safety is too small, limited or non-existent. This is what has led to a number of cohort retrospective studies that went ahead to examine the safety standards of NSAIDs sufferers. In the following results of the study, it was realized Naproxen heart risk was much better since the drug had very low IRR (incidence rate ratio) for grave diseases of the heart as compared to those individual who are not using NSAIDs. A study on the evidence of cardiovascular dangers found out it was high in other types of NSAIDs, suggesting an increase.

Naproxen heart risk

In less than 90 days of the study in relation to nonusers of NSAIDs, very lethal coronary heart risks were record to have increased after such a short period of time after other NSAIDs were used, such as rofecoxib and ibuprofen but not in the usage of naproxen. The study has been able to break new areas where focus is on patients who have recorded cardiovascular diseases. Cardiovascular conditions and arthritis generally co-exist, making the study of heart issues one of the most important and great value to the health of the public in the use of Naproxen.

While experts believe that the usage of Naproxen and other NSAIDs in sufferers of cardiovascular diseases happens to be of real concern due to gastrointestinal and cardiovascular toxicities related to these agents, it is observed that until better and perhaps novel analgesics have been developed, such agents shall be in use by those patients in this group.

While tests on NSAIDs continue, the usage of naproxen is much protected due to fewer risks for those with heart related conditions as compared to those using other NSAIDs. However, before you buy any naproxen, it is important to book an appointment with your pharmacist or doctor prior to buying this medication, more so online. Also, always take the right dose without doubling after you have bought Naproxen across the internet.

If you suffer from digestion problems, heart diseases, asthma and perhaps arterial pressure, it is important to speak with a medical health expert before using naproxen.

Understanding Exactly what is Naproxen in Various Treatments

July 24th, 2012

In understanding what is Naproxen, one must known it is one of the NSAIDs (Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs) and works through the reduction of hormones causing pain and inflammation within the human body. It is highly used in the treatment of inflammation and pain resulting from such conditions as menstrual cramps, gout, bursitis, tendinitis, spondylitis, ankylosing and arthritis. There are so many other Naproxen uses apart from these as a qualified medical practitioner will let you know.

what is Naproxen

There have been some fears that the drug could cause circulation and heart problems that are life threatening, including stroke and heart attack if it is used for a longer period of time. However, it is important to ignore the use of naproxen immediately after undergoing a surgery on heart bypass or CABG (Coronary Artery Bypass Graft). In case you have used naproxen and you end up with slurred vision, balance and speech, as well as breathe shortness, weakness and chest pain, it is important to seek some medical help immediately.

In the stomach, naproxen has been ascertained to cause a number of effects on the intestines and stomach, such as perforation or fissure creation and bleeding. Such conditions are considered fatal and usually take place without a prior warning during the intake of the drug, mostly in adults who are much older. In case you get any of such symptoms like stomach bleeding, coughing or vomiting blood that appears as ground coffee, bloody or black and tarry stool, call a doctor as fast as possible.

One important thing you need to do is to always speak to a pharmacist prior to the use of any pain, allergy, and cold medication. A lot of the medications accessible on the counter have aspirin including other types of medications akin to Naproxen like Ketoprofen or Ibuprofen. If you take so many ingredients at the same time you could get a lot of similar medication. Always look at the label to find out if the medicine has any of these mostly used drugs, right from Naproxen, Ketoprofen, Ibuprofen and Aspirin. Also, it is paramount that you avoid any intake of alcohol since it will increase the threat of internal stomach bleeding.

After you have understood what is Naproxen, you must avoid the drug in case of a history of blood clot, stroke and heart attack, including high blood pressure, congestive heart failure and heart disease. Also, those with issues of bleeding and stomach ulcers should also avoid naproxen as well as kidney and liver diseases. Those who smoke or have nose polyps and asthma are better off without using the drug.

It is also important to let your doctor know before you get pregnant or you have plans of getting pregnant in the course of a treatment. The medicine if used in a pregnancy’s last three months ends up in birth defects. Do not forget that Naproxen is able to pass right into a woman’s breast milk, harming a nursing baby. It is important not to make use of the medication devoid of telling a doctor in case you are breast feeding.