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Understanding Naproxen NSAID

Not many understand the Naproxen NSAID particulars and why the medication comes in handy in pain relief as well as in the radar of a number of people who think of some of its side effects. The first thing that should be said is that NSAIDs, the group that Naproxen belongs, are unique Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs having antipyretic and analgesic kind of properties used in the treatment of fever, swelling, redness and pain. The medication is mostly used in the relief of joint pain and inflammations as well, such as tendonitis, spinal arthritis, osteoarthritis and even typical arthritis. The same medication also comes in handy in relieving some moderate pain in the case of toothache, headache, menstrual cramps, backache and muscle aches.

There are a number of don’ts that should be adhered to firmly before anyone thinks about using Naproxen NSAID. Firstly, one should have no problems or issues related to heart conditions. For those who have already undergone heart bypass surgery, use of Naproxen in most cases is very fatal. Those individuals already suffering from urticaria and asthma or even allergic kinds of reactions should never use the medication. One should avoid giving children who are below 12 years of age Naproxen for obvious reasons tied to side effects that only an adult can bear. In case of elderly patients, they should be given the medication but monitoring should be impeccably done.

In case you are allergic to any of the different ingredients that make Naproxen, it is important to avoid it. Other times when the medication should be avoided include in the last three or so months of a healthy pregnancy or even if you have fluid buildup, swellings, or inflammations in the mouth. Those with liver or kidney diseases should as well avoid the medication.  Another important thing to remember for those who would want to use Naproxen NSAID is that they should avoid it in case of ulcers, perforation, bleeding or bowel and stomach problems. Also, those with such conditions as clotting, bleeding, blood disorders and high pressure of blood should definitely avoid using the medication.

You need to remember that Naproxen is always taken as a doctor has prescribed. It is important to avoid misusing the drug more so in very large amounts and most cases, taking it more than it is recommended. Always take any Naproxen medication with a glass that is full of water and incase of an upset in the stomach, simply take it with your food.

In case you have missed a Naproxen dose, you should take it immediately it returns to memory. In case the time is almost near for the following dose, you can skip the dose that has been missed and simply take your medication at the time that has been scheduled. Avoid doubling the dose while trying to cater for the pill you have missed.

You also need to remember that Naproxen does not cause a heart attack but could increase the chances of attaining one. It is also worth mentioning that NSAID medication could cause perforations, stomach bleeding or ulcers and must be handled with a lot of care.