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Getting the Right Naproxen Dosage for Better Drug Management

One important thing you need to understand when it comes to naproxen dosage is that intake must follow closely what the doctor has prescribed or as the label directs. Avoid the intake of naproxen in huge amounts or using it for a long period of time more than a medical practitioner has recommended.

naproxen dosage

When it comes to the treatment of ankylosing spondylitis or arthritis, a form of the medication that is slow-acting should be used but most importantly, the instructions of a doctor must be closely followed.

While taking naproxen you should never break, chew or crush enteric-coated or extended release tablets. The pill should at all times be swallowed as it is, whole. A pill that has an extended-release is made in a special way to let the medication get into the body slowly. Breaking such a pill causes a lot of naproxen to be freed within the same time. An enteric-coated type of pill does have a very special kind of coating that clearly protects the stomach. Pill breakage ends up damaging the coating.

Prior to measuring a dose, the liquid or oral suspension one is using should be well shaken. Ascertain you are getting the right dose by measuring the suspension using a medicine cup or spoon that is well marked and avoiding the use of a typical table spoon. In case you lack a device for easy measuring, it is important to enquire from a pharmacist.

naproxen dosage

For those who might be forced to take the naproxen dosage for a longer time, the doctor might have to check one regularly towards ascertaining that the medication does not end up being harmful. Something important to always have in mind is never missing a scheduled visit to a doctor. It is important to have the medication stored within room temperature and far from heat and moisture.

In case you ascertain you have used too much naproxen, you must seek immediate emergency medical attention. Some of the symptoms of overdose include coma, fainting, and shallow breathing, coughing blood, stools that are black or bloody, drowsiness, confusion, stomach pain, vomiting and nausea.

Because the medication is mostly used only when one needs it, possibly you do not have a schedule of taking a certain dosage. In case of regular usage of the medication, it is important to use the dose you might have missed immediately after remembering. If it is time to take the next dose, omit the dose you have missed and use the medication in the next scheduled time. Avoid taking some additional medication to cater for the doses you have missed.   If you have a confirmed allergic reaction to naproxen, it is important to avoid using the medication or if one has a strong history of intensive allergic reactions to NSAIDs or even aspirin.

Always know the medication can be accessed online in various stores and online pharmacies towards availing fast the best treatment for dealing with severe migraines, serious headaches, muscle pain and reducing back pains. If you have tried other medications and they are not helping, naproxen will come in handy.